Big Potato, creator of bunch of card games including Linkee, Bucket of Doom and many others, entrusted me with designing the new Linkee app. They had from slim to none experience with digital products and needed some handholding through the process.

They practically wanted to have a ‘Two Dots’ like progressive game experience, and initially thought all they need is illustrations for the app visuals including maps and rewards etc.
Shortly after, my task for the Linkee app extended to handling the UX, UI and even the product management including communication with the developer, and sprint planning.

The App

Linkee app initially has two modes;


Adventure mode is basically the version of the trivial game where you progress in a map with different lands. Every land has 50 questions in it with boss monsters, surprises, prizes and everything.


Battle mode is where you can challange your friends to Linkee game. Aim is to answer the cards quickest. There are 3 match options; ‘Single Card’, ‘Best of 3’, ‘Best of 5’. You can see your score and rank among your friends.

App Architecture


How to play?

Simply answer four questions, work out the common link between the four answers and shout Linkee!

Question Card
Wrong Answer
Correct Answer

Majority of the game play occurs on the bottom of the screen.

Card Animations
Land 1: School

Scroll up and down to navigate

As they answer cards correctly, players progress on the land step by step with every card. There are 5 lands in total in the game, each with 50 Linkee’s and 2 bosses.

1. School
2. Beach
3. Pet shop
4. Pub
5. Record shop

With every correctly answered card, players collect random Linkee letters. Everytime they complete the word “Linkee”, they win a special prize.

Wild Cards
Winning Prize

If stuck, players can purchase powerups with the coins that they can win from Linkee questions (4 coins for every clean sheet; card answered without clues) or buy.



Players can challange their friends up to 3 games in one go. Games vary between one question, best of 3 and best of 5.

Existing Linkee connections are blended with Facebook friends to make it more seemless to invite people.


After every match, you can tease your friends with a message, or post the humiliation online.

Results for “Best of 3” battle.


Profile & Settings

Profile Menu
Stats & Awards